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What is Vapor Blasting?


Vapor Blasting is also commonly referred to as Hydro Blasting, Vapor Honing, and Wet Blasting. Vapor Blasting is similar to Sand Blasting, but it is a much more gentle process that produces a different finish than Sand Blasting (or Dry Blasting in general). Similar to Sand Blasting, the Vapor Blasting process uses an abrasive media. The key difference is that Vapor Blasting utilizes a wet system with the media. In essence, this process mixes water with media, which creates a barrier/cushion when it is blasted on parts. It allows for a much more brilliant shine. We exclusively use a fine glass bead media in our Vapor Blaster. This is what allows us to create a smooth and brilliant finish on your parts. It is especially impressive on soft metals such as Aluminum and Brass.

What is Cerakote?


Cerakote is a Ceramic Coating process that is somewhat similar to Powder Coat. This process is common with firearms, but it has become incredibly popular in motorsports. Unlike Powder Coat, Cerakote has higher clearance tolerances due to it being a very thin coating. This allows for more fragile parts - such as brake carriers to be easily coated without interferring with fitment. Don’t be fooled by the thin coating; Cerakote is an incredibly durable coating. Also unlike Powder Coat, Cerakote can be applied to plastic. You’ll commonly see Cerakote used in the motorsports world on parts such as Master Cylinders, Calipers, Brake Carriers, Clutch & Ignition Covers, Hubs, Crankcases etc.