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Preparing Parts


To get the most value for your money, parts that are being sent in for Vapor Blasting or Cerakote should be grease and oil free. While we don’t mind cleaning these parts, keep in mind that you will be charged an additional fee. A little soap and water pre-cleaning before sending out parts can go a very long way. All parts should have any bearings or seals removed. We can uninstall/install bearings and seals for an additional fee. Also please note that we can remove gaskets, but the Vapor Blasting process WILL NOT remove them.

How do I get started?


1.) Contact us by phone, email, or instagram (@motoblastersllc) with your specific needs.

2.) Receive a quote.

3.) Ship or drop off your parts at our Lehigh Acres, Florida location. We will give you shipment/drop off details.

4.) Wait for us to contact you by phone or email when your parts are completed.

5.) Receive an emailed invoice for completed parts. Non-local pickup will include a fee for return shipping.

6.) Pickup your parts locally or receive your parts in the mail.



Most jobs can be quoted by you sending us an email with pictures. You can see an overview of our services offered by visiting the "SERVICES OVERVIEW" page.


Vapor Blasting

This is priced by the condition and size of parts being processed. Send us an email with pictures of what you would like to get done and we will send you a quote.



This is done by the size of parts. Send us an email with pictures of what you would like to get done and we will send you a quote.

Contact Us


Moto Blasters, LLC

Lehigh Acres, FL 33972

(765) 438-4420

DISCLAIMER: Unless other arrangements have been made, any unpaid parts left with us for more than 30 days will become property of Moto Blasters, LLC. We will then reserve the right to resell these parts in order to recuperate incurred service expenses.